The Student From Zombie Island
The Student From Zombie Island by Michael J. Moorehead xombie
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Flaming red hair, yellow fangs, dragon-like claws, and nasty bad fiery breath

A new kid was coming to school and everyone knew he must be a frightening, horrible, rotten monster!

The rumors are flying! Bust 'em Up Bill hasn't even shown up yet at his new school and already the other kids are scared to death. With a name like his, why wouldn't they be? They say his breath is so bad it will singe your face if you get too close and if he burps near you, it might even set your hair on fire!

Michael J. Moorehead wrote The Student from Zombie Island when he was in the second grade at Waggoner Elementary School in Tempe, Arizona. It wasn't an assignment, but a rather a "thank you" gift for his teacher, Ms. Lujan (she's the teacher in the story, by the way). A few years later, on summer break between fourth and fifth grades, Michael polished his story and submit it to several different publishers. He was 11 years old when he presented the first copy - hot off the press - to Ms. Lujan.

Michael, now 17 and an Eagle Scout with Grand Canyon Council, Troop 697, is still in demand for school visits, where he discusses the importance of reading and writing, and the perils of spreading rumors. He enjoys hiking, playing video games and making oatmeal-raisin cookies. He says his favorite animal is the polar bear, and he hopes one day they will no longer be in danger from the melting polar ice caps. He is in his senior year at Corona del Sol High School, and hopes to become a chemical engineer so he can make a smaller, more efficient battery and to help the planet become a "greener" place to live.
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Winner of the
2008 Reader Views
Annual Literary Award
for Best Children's Book
for Ages 7 and Older


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