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May 2012 Jim Eisenreich Foundation Newsletter Article
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Fact Sheet
Suggested Interview Questions

Fact Sheet

Publisher: Little Five Star, a division of Five Star Publications, Inc.
Price: $16.96 / Paperback / Nonfiction
Size: 8x8 / 48 pages
ISBN: 978-1-58985-162-7/1-58985-162-5
Website: www.TouretteSyndromeBook.com


Dylan Peters was only four years old when he was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. Over the five years since, he's battled the fears and insecurities that come from having this often misunderstood affliction. Dylan is both an inquisitive young man and a gifted writer. What he shares with readers will help us all understand not only Tourette Syndrome, but also to be more accepting of all people.

As he prepares to enter the fourth grade, Dylan has given the world a most valuable look into his world. We are all the wiser and more compassionate for it.

  • Tourette Syndrome is a neurological disorder that affects approximately one in 1,000 children, most often between the ages of six and nine. It's a gift to have such a youngster as Dylan be willing and able to convey to the rest of us just what his life is like.
  • Whether he intended to or not, Dylan's message of acceptance for those with Tourette Syndrome is equally applicable to others we encounter who may be facing entirely different problems. Such is the wisdom of this young man.
  • Dylan chose his friend, Zachary Wendland, to be the illustrator for his book. Zachary's drawings convey a similarly deep understanding of acceptance and tolerance for others.

Tic Talk - Living with Tourette Syndrome Suggested Interview Questions

  1. You've had Tourette Syndrome for five years. When did you start thinking about writing a book about it? What gave you the idea?

  2. What was it like when you first started having the tics and didn't yet know what was causing them?

  3. What did your friends say to you about your tics?

  4. You must have been very frightened to tell your classmates about your Tourette Syndrome. How did you get the courage to do that?

  5. How did your classmates treat you after you told them?

  6. Who is Zachary Wendland and why did you choose him to illustrate your book?

  7. Former Major League Baseball Player Jim Eisenreich wrote the Foreword to your book. Have you met him? Tell us how he happened to write the Foreword.

  8. How has your Tourette Syndrome changed over the years?

  9. Are you on medicine now that helps control the symptoms of TS?

  10. What do you think you'd like to be when you grow up?
Price: $16.96
Paperback Nonfiction
ISBN 978-1-58985-162-7/1-58985-162-5

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