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The Secret Life of a Snowbird by Len Schritter
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Why Remain a Cub Fan . . . Again? - 10/09
Predictions for 2010
Oct 31, 2009

- Milton Bradley will get traded

- Alfonso Soriano loses his hop and Lou Pinella loses his gut.

- Ron Santo takes singing lessons but it doesn't help.

- Milton Bradley retires from baseball and is never heard from again.

- Albert Pujols gets the swine flu and hits only .210 for the season.

- Milton Bradley goes up on the next space shuttle and spends three years in the International Space Station.

- If nothing else, the new $2 million hitting coach will give Bob Brenley something to talk about whenever the camera pans the dugout during a WGN game.

- To the shock of all Cub fans, the Mariners will sweep the Cubs in a June three game series in Seattle. But the beer will still taste good.

- Milton Bradley gets lost on a mountain climbing expedition in the Himalayas.

- Come March, I will be at Hohokam Park enjoying the sunshine, the green grass, and a cold beer while watching the loveable losers from the North Side embark on their 102nd season of World Series futility.

The Secret Life of a Snowbird

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