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Linda F. RadkeLINDA F. RADKE, veteran publisher and owner of Five Star Publications, Inc. has been ahead of her game since 1985, producing and marketing award-winning fiction and nonfiction for adults and children worldwide. Self-publishing before it was commonplace, setting the bar for partnership publishing and professionally fulfilling traditional publishing contracts, Radke has established Five Star Publications, Inc. as an industry leader in creativity, innovation and customer service.

Five Star Publications, Inc. is proud of its reputation for excellence, producing premium quality books for clients and authors as we successfully navigate each stage of the publishing process. The genres represented in our growing collection include novels, memoirs, Westerns, picture books, juvenile fiction, nonfiction, educational titles, professional "how-to's" and more. Click HERE for our catalog.

Many Five Star titles have been recognized on local, national and international levels, and their authors have enjoyed engaging promotional opportunities in schools, corporations and media venues across America. Recent honors include ONEBOOKAZ for Kids; Southwest Books of the Year; One Book, One Community; the Los Angeles Reel Film Festival; and numerous Glyph, London Book Festival and Paris Book Festival awards. Click HERE for more Five Star accolades.

Herself an acclaimed writer, Radke is the author of The Economical Guide to Self-Publishing, a 2010 Paris Book Festival first-place winner in the "How-To" category and a Writer's Digest Book Club selection, now in its second edition. She is also the author of Linda F. Radke's Promote Like a Pro: Small Budget, Big Show, a Doubleday Executive Program Book Club selection. A founding member of the Arizona Book Publishing Association, Linda was named "Book Marketer of the Year" by Book Publicists of Southern California and has received numerous public relations and marketing awards.

Having assembled a team of dozens of skilled industry professionals-from editors, graphic designers and project managers to web programmers and production/marketing specialists—Radke is committed to helping both established and aspiring authors of all ages continually reach new heights. Along with providing book production/marketing services, the Five Star team also assists organizations with website redesign, logo design and corporate/product branding. The work of Five Star contributors is also showcased among leading corporations, nonprofit organizations and print, radio and broadcast media venues nationwide. Five Star Publications, Inc. also makes a personal investment in charitable service, donating a percentage of profits to The Mark Foster Youth Fund and other philanthropic organizations chosen by participating authors.


Founded by company president Linda Radke, Five Star Publications has its own interesting history. "My mother grew up in a family of nine brothers and sisters," Ms. Radke explains. "Five of the family, including my mother served in World War II. During the war, parents who had sons or daughters in the service displayed stars in their window - one for each child. It was a patriotic gesture and also expressed the deep hope that each would return home safely. One of my mother's brothers was captured and held as a prisoner of war. Fortunately, all five eventually returned home," she adds. "My Uncle Art used the name 'Five Star' when he opened his first grocery store in Indiana. Five stars became the symbol of my mom's (Anna Weiss Foster) family and is carried on in my company."

Five Star Publications, Inc.'s journey to becoming one of the nation's leading book production, marketing, publicity and distribution firms began in 1985, with Linda Radke's desire to print a how-to book to complement the household employment agency she owned. For Radke, who on more than one occasion has been teased about having "printer's ink in her veins," the experience of publishing the books was exhilarating, prompting her to change careers without looking back. With the successful launch of Five Star Publications, Inc., Radke went on to add marketing and publicity services, networking opportunities and special event coordination. Value-added services include the design, development and production of curriculum guides and materials, book trailers, companion marketing products (bookmarks, trinkets, puppets, DVDs, etc.), audiobooks and more.

With the introduction of e-books and electronic media, Five Star Publications opened an ePublishing division in 2010, serving as an eDistributor and creating opportunities for authors to digitize their existing work. With the birth of eStarPublish.com, participating authors can convert PDF, InDesign and word processing files into electronic media that is compatible with Kindle, Sony Reader, Kobo, iPod, iPad and iPhone and downloadable through Amazon.com, iTunes and other electronic distributors. Select books are also offered on eStarPublish, Five Star Publication's expanding eBookstore.

To further expand client opportunities for multimedia exposure, Five Star Publications, Inc. entered another new arena, also in 2010, with the launch of a new division, Five Star Scripts. Comprised of an award-winning team of film/television producers and screenwriters, the organization uses insiders' expertise and ingenuity to transform books into screenplays, which are then marketed to producers, directors and studios across the globe for potential film, television and/or stage production. Five Star Scripts also transitions existing scripts and screenplays into books, including writing and editing, graphic design, layout, packaging and promotion.

Other notable divisions of Five Star Publications, Inc. include:

  • AuthorsAndExperts.com-A networking site where media professionals, meeting planners and others find experts, authors and spokespeople. Since 1999, this mutually beneficial service has simplified searches and shaped careers.
  • Kids Can Publish University-Where the authors, journalists, poets, photographers and cartoonists of tomorrow can get published today!
  • SchoolBookings.com-Providing a bridge between authors and school-based opportunities, including a searchable directory.
  • Five Star Express Press-Where self-starters can "publish for pennies."
  • Five Star Dragonfly Book Awards-Honoring exceptional books for excellence in writing and publishing.

Wherever Five Star Publications, Inc. shines, Linda F. Radke and her dedicated team of professionals work tirelessly to insure that authors play an integral role in the publication and marketing of their books, eBooks, curriculum materials and/or screenplays. A Resource for Every Author and Publisher Since 1985, we invite you to join us today!

"Five Star Publications, Inc. excelled in every aspect of the book publishing process, including book design, editing, proofreading, and marketing. They also stood out from other publishers with their ability to pre-sell my books, their support of at my book signing events and the way they took care of my following. Five Star is quality, through and through.

I've been in Arizona radio for over 3 decades and Five Star Publications has been in business for 25 years - we are both in it for the long haul. To me, Five Star is Arizona's leading publisher."

Dave Pratt
Radio Personality and Author

Here's the link to our testimonial page: http://www.fivestarpublications.com/test.php

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Five Star Publications, Inc. is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau (A+ rating), the National Federation of Press Women, the International Book Publishing Association, the Arizona Authors Association and PubWest:

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