A Legacy of Letters
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A Legacy of Letters - One Soldier's Journey


The American Authors Association gives this book its highest book rating and the Founder's Recommendation!
Author Clinton Frederick writes about his father who was killed in WWII just four months after his own birth. In this sentimental and emotionally touching book "World War II: A Legacy of Letters Ė One Soldierís Journey" he takes readers on a journey of discovery about not only his father but about the war, the era and the attitudes of that time and place in our history. He not only shares long lost letters that his father wrote, but he adds information that he researched about his dadís unit and what was going on in the war around the time of those letters home.

The author remembered that his father had old war souvenirs in the attic at his childhood home and in his adult years he comes back to rediscover them. He also finds a truck load of old letters that his father wrote home. He took this treasure trove of information and makes this one very endearing voyage of emotions. He finally gets a good look at understanding his dad and learns more about him then he ever knew. In the process of putting the book together he finds members of his dadís old unit and even finds out about his parentís best man at their wedding. He uses the letters, lots of conversations along with hours of researched data from government files, endless help from strangers and family to compile volumes of information about what his dad did in the war. It is a moving reading experience and one that will explore many parts of your own heart and soul.

Frederick does a masterful and skillful job of placing the letters into the flow of the book along with recaps of events and comments. The end deals with the death notices and the funeral of his father. It all works to paint this portrait of the real man his father was. This son truly honors his fatherís history and delivers a fine tribute to him. I believe that the author finally make all those personal emotional connections between himself and his father as well. I think there was healing taking place just through the writing of the book.

The book has lots of facts, old photos, and information related to his fatherís war experiences; a great personal look at World War II. The author does a professional job of the writing and of putting this book all together. It is well worth buying and reading it. Readers will find it fascinating and emotionally riveting at times. I enjoyed it very much.

American Authors Association

"Sixty-two years after George Frederickís death, Clinton Frederick gathered his fatherís letters, and compiled them into the book, World War II: A Legacy of Letters, One Soldiers Journey. Here, we reprint several of these letters home, in an attempt to let one fallen soldier share his story, and as a tribute to all who did not come home."

Tim Holbert, Editor/Program Director
World War II Chronicles, American Veterans Center

This material has opened many doors for me in getting Veterans to talk about their service... Many of us keep quiet about what we did while serving our country. If you read this book, perhaps it will show you a way to let your families know what you did, when and where. They want to know!

Robert D. "Bob" Johnson
First Team, First Cav Division Assoc

Book brings to life memory of father
...Local historian and Cleo's first cousin, Fred Campbell Jr., said the book is rare in its style, and one that anybody with an interest in history should read. Campbell said its style is unique in that, through all the letters, it gives a very personal history of George's military career. At the same time, however, he said Clinton did a good job of providing a scholarly background of the war in the South Pacific theater.

"It's a book that is not like ones I've read before," Campbell said. "I was very pleased with it. The guy really did, in my opinion, a scholarly job on this. If you're a World War II buff, this really should hold a special place with you."...

Brett Dalton
Nevada Herald-Tribune
February 4, 2007

"...In WWII - A Legacy of Letters, Clinton Frederick artfully weaves together his father's letters with fascinating historical information about some of the most important military campaigns of the war. History too often is simply a dry recitation of dates, events, and people. Frederick's book puts a very human face on the events surrounding the Pacific Theatre of World War II as his father, a pilot assigned to ground forces, battles through New Guinea and into the Admiralty Islands."
Walt Linne and Barb Kelly
American WWII Orphans Network Bookstore

"In an old trunk he found more than 100 letters written by his father, Capt. George Frederick, from the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II. Most were to the Army Air Force officerís mother. They told a personal story of critical campaigns in the Pacific war. Clinton Frederick started reading. From those letters he has compiled a fascinating account of the battles for New Guinea and the Admiralty Islands, weaving together those letters from a pilot assigned to work with ground forces with historical information from literally hundreds of books, archival documents, interviews and Web sites. By the time we have reached the end of the tale we, like the author, have come to know Capt. Frederick, to admire him enormously, and to wish him Godspeed."
General Aviation News
December 1, 2006

"...makes this one very endearing voyage of emotions. Frederick does a masterful and skillful job of placing the letters into the flow of the book along with recaps of events and comments. It is a moving reading experience and one that will explore many parts of your own heart and soul. Readers will find it fascinating and emotionally riveting..."
William H. Mcdonald Jr.
President of The Military Writer's Society of America
Excerpted from a five star review on Amazon.com

"A charming tribute whose origin was the discovery by the author of a trunk of World War II memorabilia and more than 100 letters written by the authorís noteworthy pilot father to his mother. Author Frederickís book is a great humane and personal tribute to the spirit of the best type of American warrior. In Flight USA"
S. Mark Rhodes Ė In Flight USA

"World War II generated libraries of books, but it is always the individual soldierís story that strikes the deepest chord in our lives. Capt. Frederick's son who researched the history of {some of its most memorable battles in the Pacific} has given us all a precious gift of an eyewitness account in the most human terms."
Alan Caruba
Excerpted from Bookviews Picks of the Month for Nov 2006

"I am impressed with the accurate and interesting way you told the story. It occurs to me that your Dad and I had similar assignments during the Admiralty campaign... Thanks Clint, from all of us that served with the 1st. Cav. Div. for your painstaking research and factual organization and presentation of some truly hair raising events."
Les Newman

"This weekend I read your wonderful book. I didn't expect to read it all at once, but it was so interesting that I almost couldn't put it down. I was captivated by George's career and life... it was my pleasure to come to know your father through this marvelous book. He was an outstanding man and officer. You can be very proud that such a fine man was your father and, I know, he would have been very proud of his son."
Larry Mathis
Author of The Mathis Maxims: Lessons in Leadership

"The tome puts a face on many of the events surrounding the Pacific Theater of World War II as George battled through New Guinea and into the Admiralty Islands."
By John Leptich, The Associated Press
Sep 10, 2006

"I spent twelve to sixteen hours a day on the bridge of the USS Swanson and participated in the events as they occurred. I highly recommend A Legacy of Letters as an accurate account of the events. It also answered a lot of questions for me concerning the Admiralty Island invasion."
Jack D. Sloan
Retired Lieutenant, US Navy.

"Writer Clinton Frederick's A Legacy of Letters: One Soldier's Journey not only presents a dramatic account of how he came to know his father through his letters, but also gives us a detailed history of America's heroic battle in the South Pacific."
Jim Byrnes
Writer, Director, Producer

Published by Zonicom Press
Price: $26.95 / Hard cover/ Non-fiction
Size: 6x9, approximately 455 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9778493-0-7

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