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Welcome to Kids Can Publish University!

Where the authors, journalists, poets, photographers
and cartoonists of tomorrow can get published today!

Kids in Grades K-12:
Kids, you can get your stories, poems, articles, photography or illustrations published - free of charge in most cases- for all the world to read by submitting works to the editors and entering contests listed on Kids Can Publish University. Click on "get published enter contests" now to find out more about this contest!

To help teachers and librarians instill the love of writing in their students, we publicize contests, helpful hints, workshops, books and publishing opportunities. Click on "publish students' books" and "school visits" for information and resources.

If you're the parent or guardian of a budding writer who would like to feed your loved one's passion for writing and put him or her on the road to writing success, click on "get published enter contests" and encourage your child to enter contests to start winning prizes and to submit their works for publishing in magazines, newspapers, books and online sites that cater to youths. In addition, bring Kids Can Publish University to the attention of your child's school and PTA and encourage them to get involved with a class project that can be published!

Organizations looking for an altruistic way to give back to their communities and inspire children to become better readers and writers can do so by funding a Kids Can Publish Book Publishing Grant to give a deserving school the funds to publish their students' work in a real book! Click on "sponsorships" or email to learn how you can help.

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