The Films of Lemmon and Matthau

"When life gives you a Lemmon, you make great movies. Add the wonderful Matthau ingredient, and the result is tasty, delicious and memorable." Legendary writer/director Billy Wilder to author Ben Costello, July 3, 2000, Beverly Hills, California.

2009 Winner
Arizona Authors Association Literary Contest
Honorable Mention Published Nonfiction


Starting in 1966 with their first screen-pairing The Fortune Cookie through their last laugh-filled romp The Odd Couple II in 1998, Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau made millions of moviegoers smile every time the duo appeared together in darkened theatres across the nation, if not the world.

Both men had remarkable solo careers, but together their work would cement their positions in Hollywood history as the last great comedy team of the Twentieth Century. Lemmon represented America's favorite everyman while Matthau represented America's favorite grouchy brother-in-law - together they represented the fun in dysfunctional when working together in 11 memorable, often classic, cinematic pairings. At odds onscreen, the pair would become best friends off - a friendship that enhanced every frame of film that they appeared in side by side.

In recognition of the duo's remarkable cinematic achievements, author Ben Costello has produced a memorable testament to the friends who made each motion picture come alive. With complete biographies of both Lemmon and Matthau, full credits and storylines for all 11 films, over 100 publicity and behind-the-scenes photographs, memories from co-workers and co-stars which include some of Hollywood's biggest stars, Jack & Walter: The Films Of Lemmon & Matthau will be a favorite for fans and historians alike.

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