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Dave Pratt, Behind the Mic: 30 Years in Radio
Behind the Mic by Dave Pratt of KMLE Radio


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Winner of the 2010 Glyph Award for Autobiography/Biography/Memoirs [more]

Behind the Mic book signing Dave Pratt, Behind the Mic: 30 Years in Radio is the life story of a small town boy who beat the odds to become the most prolific name in the history of Arizona radio.

Over three decades, The Morning Mayor has been honored with over 100 awards, sold out arena and stadium concerts, topped ratings in three different formats, become one of the highest paid radio personalities in the nation, defeated cancer, and has raised millions of dollars for charity. More importantly, Dave has never forfeited his personal beliefs and has never sacrificed his personal character. The loyalty of his listeners and the love of his family have continued to be his driving force. Refreshingly, Dave Pratt has proven that an incredibly successful career and a deep love for family can find balance in one of entertainment's most turbulent industries. Enjoy this sometimes tear-jerking, sometimes humorous, but always sincere ride with one of radio's legendary performers.

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Woo Hoo!!!!! Thanks to you, “No Format Pratt” is back. Dropping radio means dropping all restrictions. This is the way it should be. Total freedom!

Our listeners and every single one of our advertisers have joined Dave Pratt Live exclusively online at and on our free mobile Pratt Apps. We are live every day and then the replay. Yes, 24/7 Baby! Listen at your convenience!

A few items we want you to be aware of:

Our show is now live each morning starting at 6AM from the Dave Pratt Live Studios in the beautiful Camelback Towers overlooking Scottsdale and Phoenix. However, the tower does not allow visitor access during our live show hours. Just letting you know as so many kind listeners have stopped by with breakfast or well wishes. Thank you!

Our new studio guest line number is 602-753-6949.

The length of our show changes daily. How crazy is that? But remember, we have zero restrictions. This is not typical, homogenized “radio”. We can do whatever feels good. One show might be 5 hours if we are on a roll or have a bunch to cover. The next show may be only 2 hours. Whatever! Either way, we are live in the morning with the replay all day.

You are getting more “show” now. We are not bloated with the typical, repetitive music, endless commercial breaks every 15 minutes or meaningless traffic reports. Therefore, we cover more in an hour than most shows do in an entire morning. We cut out all the clutter.

I am asking all of our loyal listeners and longtime followers to support our Dave Pratt Live advertisers. They believe in Arizona and are supporting a locally owned, family business. We love them! Without our advertisers, we simply do not exist. Love them and be loyal to them. I have personally approved each and every one.

We will continue with supporting all Arizona charities, especially Going Gonzo for Kids, the fight against cancer, and recently, Gonzo and I have joined the board of the Arizona State Fair Foundation to continue a clean and fun tradition for all Arizona families. We want our Arizona State Fair to always be a point of pride!

?Tell your friends about Dave Pratt Live. And remember, they can listen from anywhere in the world! We are not a big company with millions to spend on billboards, TV commercials and nonsense. We need your help to carry the torch. Be loud and proud and pass it on!!

?See you next Tuesday at the DBacks game in the Dave Pratt Live Section. We’ll celebrate together! I will get there early so we can hang out.

If you don’t deserve it………..WHO DOES? ??


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