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Linda F. Radke’s Promote Like a Pro:
Small Budget, Big Show

By Linda F. Radke
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By Dr. Elizabeth W. Davidson
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The Ship Captain’s Tale

By V.A. Boeholt
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Letters of Love:
Stories From the Heart

By Salvatore Caputo, Editor
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Kosher Kettle

By Sybil Ruth Kaplan
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Addie Slaughter

By Susan L. Krueger, Ed.D. with Reba Wells Grandrud, Ph.D.
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Dave Pratt: Behind the Mic:

By Dave Pratt
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On the Brink of Bliss and Insanity

By Lisa Cerasoli
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Leadership Unbound

By Lawrence W. Corbett and Jerre L. Stead
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Journey from the Ashes

By Paul M. Howey
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Alfie's Bark Mitzvah

By Shari Cohen, illustrated by Nadia Komorova
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Don't Throw Away Your Stick Till You Cross the River

By Vincent Beach
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Whose Death Is It Anyway?

By Elizabeth Daniels Squire
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Sixty-Minute SederTM:
Preserving the Essence of the Passover Haggadah

By Cass (Yehezkiel) Foster and Nellie (Nechama) Foster

Endorsed by Reform, Reconstructionist, Conservative, and Orthodox Rabbis
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GUNSMOKE: An American Institution, Paperback Edition

By Ben Costello
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Five Star Shirt

By Five Star Publications
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Lyric of the Eros

By Paris James
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Tasting Rain

By Kim Malchuk
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Lady Lost

By Marge Graziano
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