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Purple Dragonfly Book Award Seal
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About Purple Dragonfly Book Awards

Five Star Publications, Inc. is proud to sponsor the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards, which were designed with children in mind. Not only do we want to recognize and honor accomplished authors in the field of children's literature, but we also want to highlight and reward up-and-coming, newly published authors, as well as younger published writers. The Purple Dragonfly Book Awards are geared toward stories that appeal to children of all ages. We are looking for stories that inspire, inform, teach or entertain. A Purple Dragonfly Book Awards seal on your book's cover tells parents, grandparents, educators and caregivers they are giving children the very best in reading excellence.

The Purple Dragonfly Book Awards are divided into 48 distinct subject categories, ranging from books on the environment and cooking to sports and family issues. (Click on the "Book Award Categories" tab for a complete list.) Being honored with a Purple Dragonfly Book Award confers credibility upon the winner, as well as provides positive publicity to further their success.

Book Award Prizes

Grand prize: One winner will be chosen from all entries to receive the Grand Prize. The grand prize winning book must be outstanding in content, readability, entertainment value and overall production and live up to Five Star Publications' strict standards of excellence. The grand prize winner receives:
  • Certificate commemorating their accomplishment
  • $300 cash prize
  • 100 foil award seals (more can be ordered for an additional fee)
  • One hour of book marketing consultation with Linda F. Radke, president of Five Star Publications, Inc.
  • $100 credit towards any titles in the Five Star Publications, Inc. library
  • Publicity on Five Star Publications' websites and social media
  • Inclusion in a winners' news release sent to a comprehensive list of media outlets.
First place: All first place winners of categories will be put into a drawing for a $100 prize. In addition, each first place winner in each category receives:
  • A certificate commemorating their accomplishment
  • 25 foil award seals (more can be ordered for an additional fee)
  • Publicity on Five Star Publications' websites and social media
  • Inclusion in a winners' news release sent to a comprehensive list of media outlets.
Second place: Second place winners receive:
  • A certificate commemorating their accomplishment
  • 5 foil award seals (more can be ordered for an additional fee)
  • Publicity on Five Star Publications' social media
Honorable mention: Honorable mention winners receive:
  • A certificate commemorating their accomplishment
  • 2 foil award seals (more can be ordered for an additional fee)
  • Publicity on Five Star Publications' social media

Book Contest Rules

  • Eligibility
    The awards are open to books published in any calendar year and in any country that are available for purchase. Books entered must be printed in English. The following are not permitted to enter the contest: employees of Five Star Publications and their immediate family members; Five Star contributing editors and writers; any author affiliated with Five Star Publications; and close acquaintances and relatives of any of the judges. Traditionally published, partnership published and self-published books are permitted, as long as they fit the above criteria. Note: because there is no publication date restriction as long as the book is still in print, past winners may re-enter the contest, but are only permitted to enter categories in which the did not previously enter. Authors ages 17 and younger must have parent or guardian permission to enter.

  • Entry Fees
    While we wish we didn't have to charge entry fees, they are necessary, as they cover the cost of implementing and running the contest, including marketing and publicity for both the contest itself and announcing the winners of the contest, winners' prize money, shipping books to judges, updating contest websites, printed certificates or awards, etc. The entry fee for the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards contest is $65 for one title in one category, $60 per title when multiple books are entered or $60 per category when one book is entered in multiple categories. All entry fees are per title, per category. Participants may enter one book in one category, one book in multiple categories or several different books in one or more categories, as long as they pay separate entry fees for each book/category entered, submit a separate entry form for each category and mail in the appropriate amount of book copies. See "*Example" under submission guidelines for further clarification.

    If you would like to pay by Paypal, please send us an email and we'll be happy to send you a Paypal invoice.

  • Submission Guidelines

    Participants should mail two (2) copies of each book for each category in which it is entered, as we have separate judges for each category. Along with the books, send one completed entry form per title for each category in which the book is entered* and payment (check or money order) to:

    Cristy Bertini, Attn: Five Star Book Awards
    1271 Turkey Street
    Ware, MA 01082

    Checks and money orders should be made payable to: Five Star Publications. Please be aware that no books will be returned; all will be donated.

    * Example: If you wish to enter one title in three categories, mail six copies of the book and three entry forms (one filled out for each category); the entry fee would be 3 x $60 or $180. If you wish to enter three titles in three categories, mail two copies of each book and three entry forms (one filled out for each category); the entry fee would be 3 x $60 or $180. If you wish to enter one title in one category, mail two (2) copies of the book and one entry form; the entry fee would be $65. If you wish to enter two different books in the same single category, mail two (2) copies of each book and two entry forms; the entry fee would be 2 x $60 or $120.

    If you are entering more than one book into the competition, you may mail all entries in the same envelope and write one check for the total entry fee.

    Deadline & Early Bird Specials

    Submissions postmarked March 1, 2017 or earlier that meet all submission requirements are eligible for the Early Bird Reward: One-month FREE listing on www.AuthorsandExperts.com ($9.99 value)!

    The final deadline for submissions is May 1st, 2017; to be eligible, submissions must be postmarked May 1st, 2017 or earlier. Submissions postmarked after that date will not be considered for an award, and books will not be returned; however, we will refund your entry fee.

    Book Award Categories

      You may enter as many children's books as you like in each of the following categories. You may also enter single titles in multiple categories. The categories are the same for the Printed Book section of the contest as they are for the eBook portion. Just be sure to download the entry form that corresponds with section you want to enter:

    1. Activity Books
    2. Suggestions?
      Click on the box to suggest a new category!
    3. Activity Kits
    4. Animals/Pets (Books about animals and family pets)
    5. Arts/Music (Books that help children develop an appreciation for art, theater, photography, music, etc.)
    6. Best cover design
    7. Best Illustrations
    8. Best interior design
    9. Best Photography
    10. Biography/Autobiography/Memoir
    11. Board Books
    12. Book Trailer
    13. Book Series
    14. Bookmark
    15. Chapter Books
    16. Charity/Making a difference (Books that teach children the importance of giving and showing compassion for others in need)
    17. Children's Non-Fiction
    18. Collecting/Hobbies (Books about hobbies for children)
    19. Comic Books
    20. Cultural Diversity (Books that impart an appreciation for different cultures, races and ethnicities)
    21. Educational/Instructional (How-to books and books that teach, such as books on math or how to fly a kite)
    22. Exercise/Fitness (Books that teach children how to keep physically fit.)
    23. Family matters (Books that deal with issues affecting the family, such as divorce, adoption, a new baby, moving, etc.)
    24. Fiction: Collection of short stories
    25. Flyer
    26. Food-Related (Cookbooks, food travel, food history, about food)
    27. General (Any categories not listed)
    28. Green Books/Environmental Issues (Books dealing with environmental issues, recycling, conservation of our planet's resources, etc.)
    29. Growing Pains (Books that help children understand the changes they go through as they mature)
    30. Health (Books on general health topics that teach children how to lead healthy lifestyles)
    31. Historical Fiction
    32. History Non-fiction
    33. Letters, Journals, Diaries
    34. Media Kit
    35. Middle Grade Fiction
    36. Outdoor Recreation (Books on outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by children and the whole family, such as camping, hiking, fishing, etc.)
    37. Picture Books - 5 & Younger
    38. Picture Books - 6 & Older
    39. Poetry
    40. Press Release
    41. School Issues (Books dealing with issues children may encounter at school, such as bullying, making new friends, etc.)
    42. Science Fiction/Fantasy & Paranormal
    43. Spiritual/Religious (Books that address religion and/or spiritual matters, including books on death and grieving.
    44. Sports (Books about sports and/or athletes)
    45. Text Books
    46. Unpublished Manuscript (for print books only)
    47. Young Adult Fiction
    48. Young Adult Non-fiction
    49. Youth Author Fiction (Author is age 17 or younger)
    50. Youth Author Nonfiction (Author is age 17 or younger)

  • Judging Process
    Judging will be based on content, originality and overall readability, with emphasis on innovation and creativity. Our judging panel includes experts from the fields of editing, reviewing, bookselling and publishing, as well as industry experts in specific fields. Every entry will be read by the judges, whose decisions are final. Top award winners will be notified by mail on or before June 15, 2017. Prizes/awards certificates for the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards will be mailed immediately following notification.

    The judges reserve the right to switch the category for an entry, to cancel a category if the number of entries is insufficient or to decide not to have a winner if the level of the best entries is not up to publishing industry standards.

    Note: In order to maintain the integrity of the Dragonfly Book Awards, a minimum score of 55 out of 80 must be earned before a place will be awarded to the entrant, even if it is the sole entry in a category.

    Any entry not conforming to the guidelines will be disqualified without author notification. There will be no refund for disqualified entries.

    If you have expert knowledge in book publishing, writing in any of these categories and would like to become a judge, call 480-940-8182 or email info@fivestarpublications.com and let us know.

  • How To Enter and Make Payment
    Using the links below, download the appropriate contest entry form(s) and carefully follow the submission instructions contained therein.

    Click Here to Download Printed Book Contest Entry Form

    Click Here to Download eBook Contest Entry Form

    Payment instructions for check, money order or credit card are on the entry form. However, if you prefer to pay by PayPal online, our PayPal email address is PayPal@FiveStarPublications.com. CLICK HERE to link to the PayPal website.

    Good luck!

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