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The Secret Life of a Snowbird
An Inside Look at Retirement in America's Sunbelt
by Len Schritter

ISBN 978-1-58985-074-3
$ 15.95
Published by Five Star Publications, Inc.
Published 2007
Web site:

"I swear this story is true," insists Len Schritter, author of the soon-to-be-released book titled The Secret Life of a Snowbird. "I was just sitting there in the bingo hall minding my own business when this strange woman asked if she could rub me with her pig."

To find out why he said yes, you'll have to read his new book. This incident and others, including one he calls "soused of the border" and another in which he battles his resort community's weed police, reveal much of what it's really like to be a snowbird.

Enjoy even more of Len Schritter on his Blog Musings.

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$ 15.95

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