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Delores Hopes Antipasto Salad from "Legends in the Kitchen"
Legends in the Kitchen is chock full of delicious recipes
by Five Star Book Reviews
Posted Mar 1, 2010 19:30
Delores Hopes Antipasto Salad

Legends in the Kitchen is chock full of delicious recipes that make it possible for chefs and novice cooks alike to impress friends and family with the same dishes celebrities prepare for their guests. Imagine the conversation around the table when diners discover they are noshing on Beef Stew with Walnuts that Betty Ford makes for former President Gerald Ford, Victoria Principals Jade Empress Chicken, or Dick Clarks Cajun Corn Chowder. In addition to being an ideal gift and a must-have for serious cookbook collectors, a portion of the books sales supports the Motion Picture & Television Fund.

Delores Hopes Antipasto Salad (a Mrs. Bob Hope recipe)
Legends in the Kitchen

1 head of iceberg lettuce, very cold and dry, bite-size pieces
Olives, ripe, drained and chilled
Garbanzo beans, drained and chilled
Genovese salami, cut into slivers
Mozzarella cheese, small diced
Marinated artichoke hearts, chilled
Italian peppers, mild pickled (pepperocini), drained
Celery hearts and tops, chopped and cut very fine

Salad dressing:
Vinegar a very good wine vinegar
Oil Sasso or Bertolli olive oil
(Approximately 3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar)
Coarse ground pepper and salt

Arrange bed of lettuce greens in chilled salad bowl and top with above ingredients (excluding dressing). Bring it to the table untossed to show off the colorful arrangement. Add salt, pepper, and vinegar and toss lightly. Add oil and toss again.

This can be served as a first course salad or even as a main dish. Serve with hot crusty bread.

MF&L Staff at Maine Food & Lifestyle magazine.


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