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"The Attitude Girl" in Baba's Christmas Bonanza!
Review/Giveaway/Feature & Holiday Gift Guide!
Nov 23, 2011

An award-winning young adult novel "The Attitude Girl" was reviewed and featured on Social Moms and Baba's Farmlife. It was also included in their Giveaway and Holiday Gift Guide, all part of Baba's Christmas Bonanza!



“Young girls living today in a world that already portrays them as adults will find this book reassuring that someone is just like them and is going through the same things they are. A book they can truly identify with. And once your teen reads The Attitude Girl, it just may make life a little easier going in your home. Giving insight to teens and their parents alike, I found The Attitude Girl to be an amazing honest written account of what happens during these years and how to focus on what exactly is important.”

~ Deborah Sloan, Baba’s Christmas Bonanza
Owner & Publisher, Social Moms & Baba’s Farmlife

Publisher: Five Star Publications, Inc.
Price: $16.95 U.S. ($20.95 Canada)
Softbound / Young Adult, Fiction
Size: 6" by 9" / 340 pages
ISBN: 978-1-58985-155-9
Pub Date: Fall 2009
Website: www.AttitudeGirlBook.com

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