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"The Attitude Girl" Reviewed by The US Review of Books!
Reviewed by Jeanette J. Jennis.
Dec 17, 2010


The Attitude Girl
by Mila Bernadkin

Five Star Publications

Reviewed by Jeanette J. Jennis

"Am I a spoiled brat or just plain selfish? Do I just have a bad attitude about the money or am I the ultimate material girl?"

The heroine of this story, her friends and her mother pose thought-provoking questions. A feisty, outspoken seventeen-year-old girl, Victoria mirrors many of the attitudes, interests, issues, and daily angst of today's teenager. Victoria shares problems, triumphs, and uncertainties with her four BFFs (best friends forever). They explore their feelings about one another as well as some challenging concerns. Shopping trips and endless discussions about fashion trends and peers are forced to take second place to more pressing matters. Complicated situationsóbeginning with a job loss, fearing a threatening illness, dealing with the death of a family member, handling a substantial inheritance, facing sexual tension and consequences, speaking out against bullying, controlling angry outbursts, and experiencing the tragic death of a classmateódemand serious attention.

Bernadkin has a gift for authentic conversations, providing plentiful doses of humor and scattering gems of wisdom from diverse sources throughout the book. As the story unfolds, it becomes apparent that everyone's perspective has personal validity, even if it differs from others. Victoria ultimately discovers that having an attitude can be both an asset and a liability, as she learns how to bring her forceful and forthright personality into balance. By the end of Bernadkin's honest, engaging teen story, she shows how all the trials and upsets Victoria experiences lead to a new level of maturity. The heroine learns to better understand and embrace her intelligence, beauty, and growing compassion. A quote from Ann Richards sums up things well: "The here and now is all we have, and if we play it right it's all we'll need."

Publisher: Five Star Publications, Inc.
Price: $16.95 U.S. ($20.95 Canada)
Softbound / Young Adult, Fiction
Size: 6" by 9" / 340 pages
ISBN: 978-1-58985-155-9
Pub Date: Fall 2009
Website: www.AttitudeGirlBook.com

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